Diapath Galileo AUTO Series 2 Fully automatic rotary microtome Galileo AUTO Series 2.. Product #: AC025DP based on 0 reviews 2 - 3 Days

Galileo AUTO Series 2

Brand: Diapath
Product Code: AC025DP
Availability: 2 - 3 Days

The new rotary microtomes line Galileo Series 2 is designed to meet requirements of precision, reliability, safety and assure the best performances in histological samples cutting.
Galileo AUTO Series 2 is a fully automatic rotary microtome with great histological sample cutting (in 0.5 µm increments) with attention and precision according to the high standards for user’s safety.
Galileo AUTO Series 2 can be used both in automatic and semi-automatic mode, assuring maximum flexibility of use.
The handwheel is equipped with an innovative system to give a smooth assisted-handwheel running: it supports the operator during the manual working, enables user comfort with a safe and smooth sectioning improving operator’s work condition and productivity.

Galileo Series 2

  1. New Local board integrated on the instrument with LCD colour display to manage cutting operations without
    using the Remote control
  2. Clamp with rapid fixing support integrated inside the millimetric orientation system with zero point indicator
  3. Knife holder with lateral movement in 3 positions, finger guard and millimetric position indicator
  4. Newly-designed guides for knife holder base movement to provide the right fixing in each position
  5. Ultra-smooth-running handwheel with exclusive electronic locking system in each position equipped with ergonomics and retractable handle
  6. Backlit panel for an immediate sample detection
  7. Spaciously designed section waste tray with fixing system
  8. Roomy shelf equipped with removable tray
  9. Emergency stop push button

Sectioning thickness setting range 0.5 - 100 μm, 0.5
  30 – 60 μm in 5 μm increments
  60 – 100 μm in 10 μm increments
Trimming thickness setting range 1 - 600 μm
Cutting speed – settable (only for AUTO) 0 - 150 (0 - 420 mm/sec)
Horizontal specimen feed 30 mm +- 1 mm, feed motion via step motor
Temperature From +5° to +40°C
Max humidity 80% related to temperatures up to 31°C with linear decrease up to 0% of 40°C
Performed heating 17BTU/hr
Vertical stroke 70 mm
Sectioning stoke (only for AUTO) Manual, automatic (single, multi, continuous), rock mode, Dynamic control pedal (Normal and Safe)
Specimen orientation Horizontal: 8° (X), Vertical: 8° (Y) Rotation: 360°
Maximum sample size (WxD) Standard object clamp: 55x50 mm
Retraction Manual cutting 5-100 μm in 5 μm increments (can be turned off)
Retraction Motorized cutting 10-70 μm, according to cutting speed (can be turned off)
Speed advance 0 – 1200 μm/s
Nominal supply voltage 230 V -+10% - 110 v -+10%
Power consumption 200VA
Certification CE -IVE- cTUVus
Dimensions (WxDxH) 400x675x350 mm (approximately)
Weight 40 kg


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