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HTI High Technology
HTI Diagnostics is the manufacturing division of High Technology, Inc with its headquarters located in Massachusetts, USA
Our focus is to offer turnkey solutions for clinical diagnostic laboratories, providing international medical organizations with the world’s most effective and affordable medical equipment, reagents and consumables.

HTI Diagnostics brings to the market cost-effective IVD products to allow customers access to the latest technologies at the most affordable prices. The company has established innovative processes and intercontinental strategic relationships to enhance manufacturing efficiencies, allowing for competitive prices in established and emerging markets.


Established in Massachusetts since 1997, HTI’s firm commitment to patient care, quality products and affordable prices enabled a continuous growth of its international business.

Today HTI Diagnostics has 5 international subsidiaries and is represented in over 42 countries across the world.

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HTI MicroCC-20 Plus

The HTI MicroCC‐20 Plus Automated Hematology Analyzer is the ideal hematology analyzer for a clinic, satellite laboratory or research testing.