Accu-Clinic Consulting Services

Your Pathway to Laboratory-Specialized Accreditation.

Laboratory Improvement that support Patient Safety.

Your Accreditation Journey with Laboratory Quality and Technical Experts.

Laboratory standards, guidelines, and prestigious accreditations are now integrated essentials in laboratory medicine. Though a lot of improvement lies beyond accreditation, it is still the golden way to transform your lab into the benchmarked practices based on quality standards.

Accu-Clinic will work with you through a projectized approach in which our team will perform the following milestones and more!

  • Gap Analysis
  • Training & Action Plan
  • Establishing Policies & Procedures
  • Targeting Improvement wherever needed
  • Assessment of readiness through your journey by independent assessment surveys
  • Targeting weakness points and refining process
  • Conducting mock survey to be familiar with Accreditation final assessment
  • Accreditation become feasible target!

Accu-Clinic consulting department will lead your lab to be a member in Quality Society!

  • Leading your lab for implementing a Quality Management System customized to support laboratory operations and accreditation
  • requirements (ISO 15189, CAP, JCI: Clinical Laboratory Program)
  • Compliance to International Laboratory Standards.
  • Lab Practices based on up-to-date GUIDELINES from CLSI, CAP, Canadian standards developing institutes and others.
  • Laboratory improvement solutions beyond accreditation
  • Channel to online Continuing Medical Education (Approved CME hours)
  • Managing Analytical Quality to reach the best available analytical performance
  • Risk Assessment approaches implemented to improve process and outcome reliability!
  • Surveys and Audits as performed to ensure compliance and detect deficiencies.
  • Tailored Solutions available.

Special Track for Hospital-based Labs

  • Lead your hospital-based lab for benchmark practices and enhance your efficient role in Healthcare!
  • Qualify your lab for ISO 15189 and to get prepared for JCI hospital accreditation
  • You can target to qualify your lab for JCI, Clinical Laboratory Program: prestigious laboratory-specialized accreditation
  • Applications of CDSS: Systems supporting total testing process and lab-hospital interface.
  • Enhancing Patient Safety and performance improvement through tailored measures and KPIs.

Accu-Clinic Tailored Solutions

  • Training Programs customized as per your lab needs. Our training modules include:
    • Quality Assurance (Integrated Approach)
    • Method Validation
    • Quality System Essentials
    • Utilization Management
  • Survey Audits