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Diagnostics Hematology

Brand: J.T.Baker
Product Code: AC023JT
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J.T.Baker (Celtac-Erma):
Diluent - 20L
Lyse - 1L
Detergent (cleaner) - 5L
Hypochlorite - 1L 500
J.T.Baker (Mindray/Procan):
Diluent - 20L
Lyse - 500ML
Rinse - 20L
EZ-cleaner - 1L

Avantor offers a complete line of J.T.Baker® brand reagents and controls for eight parameter instruments, 5-part differential automated analyzers, and many others. To save time and ensure compatibility, J.T.Baker® brand reagents are supplied in bottles that fit to the tubes and connections provided with the instrument.

J.T.Baker® brand reagents are commonly used with instruments and analyzers manufactured by the following companies.






Nihon Kohden®

Avantor Performance MaterialsTM









Beckman Coulter®  







Hematology Controls

Daily use of controls is crucial to provide data which confirms the precision of your instrument. J.T.Baker® brand hematology controls simulate whole blood and are available in abnormal low, normal, and abnormal high levels for testing purposes.

Hematology Analyzers

BeneSphera™ brand hematology analyzers for both human and veterinary applications are available in select markets in Europe and Asia. These reliable, easy-to-use analyzers are capable of monitoring a 3-part differential population. For optimal performance, J.T.Baker® brand reagents should be used with BeneSphera™ brand hematology analyzers.

Hematology Stains

Avantor provides several staining solutions for manual staining of blood-smear slides. J.T.Baker® brand stains are designed to provide excellent results across a variety of hematology applications. In addition to stains for tissue, blood and bone testing, J.T.Baker® brand Sorensen buffer is also available.


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