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 For The World's Most Demanding Applications

Pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical and advanced technologies manufacturers, as well as corporate, environmental and governmental laboratories, trust the J.T.Baker® brand's application-optimized and function-tested products to facilitate reliable results that maximize productivity and efficiency.

A Legacy Of Excellence Since 1904

For more than a century, the J.T.Baker® brand has stood for excellence  from the laboratory to full-scale production. In 1904, John Townsend Baker founded the J.T.Baker Chemical Company with a mission to produce chemicals of the "highest degree of purity commercially available." As the first to include lab results listing trace impurity levels on labels, J.T.Baker® chemistries quickly established a reputation for quality, data transparency and collaboration. Today, the J.T.Baker® brand is one of the most widely known and respected brands of chemicals around the globe.

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Diagnostics Hematology

Avantor offers a complete line of J.T.Baker® brand reagents and controls for eight parameter instruments, 5-part differential automated analyzers, and many others.