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The European Society for external quality assessment (ESfEQA) offers a variety of external quality tests to medical laboratories in the areas of biochemistry, hematology, immunology and microbiology.
Monthly and quarterly programs from ESfEQA are available to the users and managers responsible for quality standards in medical laboratories. The ESfEQA quality assessment samples and the ESfEQA service are characterised by a high quality, reliability, simplicity of use and flexibility.

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ESfEQA - Clinical Chemistry

Lyophilized samples (5 mL) of human sera with added enzymes and proteins of human origin.

ESfEQA - Hematology

2 liquid samples (minimum 2.5 mL) of whole blood. The samples contain stabilized human red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets of human and/or non-human analogs.

ESfEQA - Immunology

Lyophilized sample (minimum 3 mL) of human sera with added analytes.

ESfEQA - Microbiology

2 liquid samples (1 mL) of human plasma.