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Fenox medical solutions

Fenox medical solutions

FENOX Medical Solutions is the international brand of the group of companies "Analiz Med" which has many years of experience in the production and wholesale trade of high quality in vitro diagnostic products, successfully implementing integrated equipment of laboratories in various fields of research.

FENOX Medical Solutions is one of the top-priority sphere of FENOX Global Group International Holding.

FENOX Medical Solutions team is a team of professionals aimed at producing high-quality reagents, equipment and services available to medical laboratories. Application of new technologies and methods, advanced achievements and fruitful cooperation with well-known international medical companies guaranty high quality products. Company's production base is being constantly improved and becomes stronger: the newest equipment is installed at production site and the unique water treatment system and automatic solutions bottling line are implemented in production process. Products' quality is constantly being controlled at all stages of the production cycle.

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Reagents Kits for Clinical Chemistry

FENOX Medical Solutions offers an extensive range of reagents for clinical biochemical studies.