About Us

Accu-Clinic is an Egyptian company founded in 2012 with the goal of delivering high-quality, competitively priced medical services to make healthcare more accessible and affordable all over Egypt.
Mission statement
Accu-Clinic is dedicated to providing quality products and the highest level of service in its target diagnostics segments. Through innovation and total commitment we strive to create value for our people, our customers and for the shareholders.
Accu-Clinic committed to supply medical service to the clients with optimum solutions in its perfect way in the due time via the unique services supplied by our team.

We want to be loved by our customers so that we are their first choice, whilst at the same time making a legitimate profit and contributing to society.

Accu-Clinic's Vision:

  • To be one of the leaders companies in the Egyptian market within the next 3 years
  • To further expand our domestic and international market share.
  • To strengthen our global presence in the health care market.
  • To maximize value for our customers workers and owners.

Our Innovation

Our mission

As an organization we constantly strive for innovation, not simply in the products we bring to the market but also in the way we interact with our customers and with each other. This is grounded in our solution driven approach to partnership.

Our Trust

Our mission

Our reputation is founded on the trust that you place in our products. We always ensure that this is reciprocated through the reliability of our offering which is reinforced by the knowledge and experience of our people.

Our Care

Our vision

We are a caring, responsible organization, committed to our people, our customers and our suppliers. With our extensive experience in the diagnostics industry we have developed a solid understanding of the needs of our partners.