Accu-Shoot Contest

Accu-Shoot Contest

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First laboratory photo contest powered by Accu-Clinic Just upload your photo, add photo description, write your email address and press send. - You are allowed to add 3 photos. - invite your friends and colleagues to like your photo to reach 1000 likes and win Euromex digital cam for your microscope.

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Winners will be selected based on how many people vote on an uploaded photo and then Ranked by the Contest Owner.

So get your cameras out and shoot a photo that highlights the theme.. This contest is not about clicking the best photo but about bringing out the theme and getting people to like your photo and improve your chances to win...

Get your friends to like your photo. Please make note that the winner is primarily based on Ranking by the Page Owner or the Contest Moderator. The number of votes on photo will improve your chances to be Ranked a Winner.

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